Our Process

Based on our years of experience, Mobo Design has developed a process allowing us to work with our clients and provide them with solutions.

Mobo Design - Design Process - Step One



Every client is unique and sectors differ, therefore detailed research is quintessential to understand our client and their expectations. This first step in the design process leads to the creation of a mood board and a concise internal brief that is used and referred to throughout the duration of the project. It’s our “road map”, our plan of action, that –once established- ensures focus and effectiveness.



Once the brief and a clear plan are mapped out, we start developing a series of creative concepts, in line with the results from our research. These concepts are then shared and discussed with our client with the aim that one concept (or a combination) is taken to the next step in our process.

Mobo Design - Design Process - Step Two
Mobo Design - Design Process - Step Three


Design (& Refine)

In line with client feedback, the Mobo team further develops your project, using our creative resources at hand. Progress and work are shared with our client throughout this stage, making sure our proactive team refines their work in line with the client’s expectations.



No matter how great the idea and how smooth the process, a project stands or falls with the delivery. We follow every project from start to infinity and make it our personal mission to deliver on time and on budget, every time.

Mobo Design - Design Process - Step Four